Burger Wars

Burger Wars
Everyone loves a good rivalry.

Well, we are here with one of the best rivalries of all time, Burger King VS Mc Donald’s.
The very famous, long-lasting rivalry consisting of a series of comparative advertising campaigns aimed at each other.
These two often blatantly attack each other through advertisements to increase their market share in the general public.
Let’s have a look at such campaigns.
An early advertisement by McDonald’s involved a large truck carrying a very large directional billboard in the middle of nowhere, referencing that the next Burger King is 258 km away, with a long list of directions with which one would have to follow to get there. On the other hand, the McDonald’s board in comparison is much smaller in size, and states that the next outlet is only 5 km away, making a statement that McDonald’s is the “King of Drive-thrus.”

In such a manner, McDonald’s as a brand, created an image of supremacy and superiority, offering to their customers the perception that McDonald’s has a further reach, and a better one at that. By setting their position in the market through a lens where Burger King comes in second at everything, McDonald’s establishes itself higher in the market, while simultaneously creating negative perception of its rival competitor.

Another extremely blatant attack that caught public attention due to its comical factor, is Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the McDonald’s franchise, portrayed as walking into Burger King to get his “Regular” meal of the day. The advertisement ends with the service provider behind the bitcoin mixers counter greeting him farewell with an “I’ll see you tomorrow”.

This campaign reflects the
world famous McDonald’s
mascot, the clown also gets his
regular lunch of the day at
Burger King. Burger King
established quality food
supremacy with this campaign.

Let’s have a look at other such attacks by these 2 rivals.

This is Halloween themed
campaign by burger king
suggesting you come as a clown to Burger King but eat like a king. Simultaneously, taking a shot at Mcdonald’s mascot portraying him as an evil clown.

The following brilliant campaign is brought to you by McDonald’s. In this campaign McDonald’s is portraying that you get served like a king at McDonald’s and served by a king (i.e. the Burger King’s mascot) at Burger King (the way king provides for its
subjects/ ‘Praja’).

Now that you have learned about the witty marketing campaigns these two rivals make. Create a similar rivalling campaign. The best answer will be featured on our Instagram Page.

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