our achievements

All the way up

Achievements are the signs of hard-work and dedication.

To achieve something we work diligently and and always try to be all the way up. Therefore, we learn a lot of things like self-discipline, hard work, dedication, self-respect and motivation.

Biggest Marketing Fest of Delhi University

Mercadeo holds the biggest fest of Delhi University, that is, Incendo where hundreds of people participate, play fun games and win exciting prizes. Incendo is the annual marketing fest of the College of vocational studies and it’s only one of its kind.

Among Top 5 marketing societies of DU

In 2019, Mercadeo was featured by DU assassins, as One of the top five marketing societies of Delhi University. They wrote, “ Mercadeo is not just a society, it’s a platform for students of CVS to learn, enhance, nurture and live the marketing tactics and basic to the complex structure of marketing in the real world through a mock stage.” which was a very big achievement for not only us but for the whole College of Vocational Studies.

Numerous Exclusive Partnerships

Mercadeo, over a span of 9 years has made a unique place and is now counted as one of the most prestigious societies of DU. We have cracked some significant projects with some big names like La Pinoz, Hype It Up, Street Style Store etc.

Our own Mascot

You must have observed many Brands having their own mascot’s, the biggest example is “The Amul girl.” Guess what? Mercadeo ain’t that far, we launched our own mascot, “Mercad” to represent us.

Snap us!

In the world of Social Media, nobody ignores Snapchat. With a user base of over 100 million people, Snapchat has its own name with people enjoying its privacy and filters. Mercadeo also holds a customized filter of its own on Snapchat too.

Lil flea, Delhi

India’s happiest flea market, The Lil Flea, Delhi has a massive community full of creativity and discovery. Mercadeo tied up with “Space Cakes By NASA” as an event designer and assisted them in setting up a stall for them.

A strong presence on Google business listing/Google maps

Mercadeo was always eager to grow and with the help of a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated team we were always learning newer things and growing. Over the years, we, today hold a strong appearance on Google maps and also on Google business listing.

Strong social media presence across all social media platforms

Whether it’s an individual or a Brand or a society like us, it takes time to build a community. Throughout our journey of 9 years and counting, today we have a strong community of over 6,700+ followers only on Facebook and 1900+ on Instagram with an active audience on Twitter and with future projections of having a hold over Youtube too.

Our achievements have indeed made us what we are today. Some of these achievements have been rewarded us in the form of mementoes and some of these achievements have been rewarded in the form of personal satisfaction. Our achievements are an indispensable part of our journey till now and they’ll be cherished forever, but we still believe that there’s a long road ahead for us and we are dedicated towards reaching newer heights in the coming future.